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The Purpose

The thirteen local nonprofit organizations listed below have joined together to launch a movement called “Leave 10 for Kitsap.”  The purpose of Leave 10 is to encourage people to leave 10% of their assets to local charities through their estate plans.  As we’ve been talking with local professional advisors about Leave 10, many of them have told us that they wish they had more opportunities to network with each other.  


So we came up with the idea of hosting quarterly breakfasts for professional advisors.  At the breakfasts, we’ll spend just a few minutes telling you about Leave 10 and giving you tools that you can use for those clients you have who are interested in “Leaving 10.” 


We thought this would be a win win win – you get an interesting breakfast and networking; we get to spread the Leave 10 message; and your clients get some new ideas or tools.  To be clear, at the breakfast no one is going to ask you for anything or to do anything.  The breakfast is for you.


We hope you’ll join us!
Connect • Communicate • Caffeinate

The Leave 10 Kitsap Founding Partners

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